Doing the Most!

As a middle school educator, there are just some phrases that will forever be etched in the back of my mind. “Doing the most”, just so happens to be one of them. For those of you who happen not to be so privileged as to work in middle level education, let me enlighten you! “Doing the most” refers to one’s overexertion of effort for some reason or purpose. One of my students, Laila, gave her thoughts on the most recent Super Bowl Halftime Show. At the end of her perspective, she noted that when the Weekend was running around in circles with the gold background, mirrors, and smoke, he “did the most”.


What about “doing the most”? In our world, today, there are many things to which we could assign this phrase. “Doing the most” often times lends to a negative connotation. During this Random Acts of Kindness Week, however, I want to challenge us to FLIP IT! Let’s intentionally DO THE MOST in positive, uplifting ways. Let’s intentionally find ourselves doing the most good, to as many people, as we possibly can! Yes, go out of your way to make someone’s heart smile.

Planting Seeds of Hope

Have you ever been the recipient of one those “I’m paying for the person’s order behind me” acts? If you have, you know what I mean when I say it feels like an expensive birthday present that you didn’t even know you yearned. It truly makes you feel that there is hope in the world. While this is just one simple example, many others don’t require you to pull out your wallet.

Consider planting seeds by writing three simple notecards this week. Handwritten notes have become a long lost art, but one that still carries so much weight! Who is the student, colleague, or family member that needs to be reminded that there is hope? Life is hard and can feel like a constant uphill battle. When we are going through the tunnels of turmoil, which hits all of us at one point or another, we need to see that glimpse of light. A tiny light can signify that we are closer to a brighter day. Why won’t you be that for someone this week? Maybe it’s just a 2 minute telephone call to say, “You’ve got this!” Simple acts can plant the seeds of hope that will yield to the fields of a brighter future!

Fanning Flames of Inspiration

In the words of Amanda Gordon, “For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it.” Oh, how powerful that is. One must be strong to see the light and even stronger to be the light. Let’s imagine a new heavyweight lifter. When they first engage in lifting, they need a spotter. So is true in life! We need to spot for others, as they build their strength in becoming strong enough to be the light.

If you think back to your past, there were probably people who operated as your mirror. They showed you a stronger, bolder, more creative version of YOURSELF that you didn’t know existed. In 2021, more now than ever, we need to be that for others. Inspiration is like the gift that keeps on giving. The more you inspire those around you, they more they inspire you. And before you know it, everyone within your realm of influence is GROWING AND GLOWING!

The key to fanning the flames of inspiration rely heavily on your listening skills! Listen carefully to those around you! What are their hearts desires? What are their fears? How can you help them overcome those fears? It’s often a talk over lunch or even a critical conversation with your morning coffee that can be their launching pad to elevation!


In order to “DO THE MOST”, we need to ensure that we are present, fully engaged in the moment. Otherwise, we miss all the grand, yet small windows of opportunity to make this type of impact. Is it easy when are answering 1,000 emails, all while contacting a parent on your plan time (while you walk to professional development)? Why, of course not!!! But, it’s a skill that if we learn to master, will improve the quality of our life personally and professionally.

So the next time you hear your student mention this popular phrase, share your random acts and experience about “doing the most”. While, they are guaranteed to share that you got it mixed, school them into flipping it! They, too, can be inspired to do the most good, to as many people, while they can! Imagine our world, if this happened!


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