About the Blog

IMG_0191-EditHello! I am Dr. LaQuanta M. Nelson and I have a confession….. This is a total, TOTAL leap of faith! You probably can guess that my #oneword2018 is FEARLESS. What better place to start than with one of my greatest desires, which is to empower others through writing!

It was in the second grade, around the month of October, that I decided I wanted to be a teacher. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Nancy Jones, by that point had made me feel that I could totally conquer the world. It wasn’t long after that I knew I wanted to inspire everyone else feel the same. Of course, my story is no different than many educators. I, too, tried to run from this amazing calling, but quickly found that it was truly my purpose in life to fulfill! What a roller coaster ride it has been and I have been giving it a country girl, “YAAHOOOOO!”, all along the way!

As first generation college graduate, it has been through education that I have been afforded the opportunity to see the world beyond what “statistics” say I should have been able to experience. It’s for this reason that I am committed to teaching, leading, and inspiring WITH those who have also taken on this career to totally transform lives! I believe in the concept of to whom is given, much is required!! Did I mention that I believe that educators are ROCK STARS??

I am a proud alumna of Tougaloo College, where I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree. Both master’s and specialist degrees were acquired from Mississippi College in the areas of Elementary Education and Educational Leadership. In 2012, I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Ph.D. in Education and Educational Administration. I am currently in my 16th year as an educator and have had the privilege of being a teacher, mentor teacher, assistant principal, and principal. Currently as Executive Director of the Mississippi Association of Middle Level Education, I also have the privilege of working with great middle school educators from across the state. I TOTALLY believe in the power of TEAM and the power of POSITIVE ENERGY! My other “babies” are school culture, student engagement, and leadership development, both student and teacher. It is my desire, through this platform, to inspire, share, learn, and grow as a #BOSSEDUCATOR!!!