The Great Balancing Act

Who would have ever thought that we would have to suit up like astronauts to walk into our schools? This, my dear colleague, is the new normal. And while it causes us anxiety to daily expose ourselves to such uncertainty, it causes us joy to engage in the miraculous process of teaching and learning. Today, I’m simply here to remind you to BALANCE!


There is something about human connections that keep us fulfilled and sane, even. In these times where we are still spending so much time in isolation, I challenge you to protect your peace! So you ask,” How am I suppose to do that?” The first thing to help in protecting your peace is giving yourself the freedom to opt out! Opt out of watching the news all day. Opt out of being a part of griping sessions that lead to no resolution. Opt out of spiraling thoughts that GPS us to negative landmines. Yes, educators are superheroes! But, we are also humans with hearts. Learn to protect yours, like you would a newborn baby!


No, I’m not one of those toxic positivity folks, but I do believe in the power of positive thinking! Our brains have this amazing ability to change, heal itself, and have physical manifestations based on our emotional state. With this in mind, it benefits us to train our brains to see the positive in our world. The concept of half empty or half full is what I’m talking about here. When we learn not to complain about everything and look for the things (sometimes we have to look harder than others) for which we are grateful, our load becomes lighter. The daunting tasks and solutions that we must find become easier to attain.


There is a great book that speaks of being double-minded. It notes that a “double minded person is unstable in all of its ways.” With this in mind, in order for us to balance this new way of living and educating, we must INTENTIONALLY CHOOSE who we are and how we will operate. Each day, I express to our scholars that they have the power to make it a great day or not. We each individually are able to choose, before anything happens, what type of response we will have! I encourage you to choose your position as an effective, positive, educator who will always take care of you(FIRST) and do your best to make the most impact that you can! Plant your feet firmly and don’t allow a pandemic or person to deter you from that!

Until the next time, BE B.O.S.S. (Bold, Optimistic, Substantial, Spontaneous)!

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