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What a fantastic time of year for the sports fanatic. We just wrapped up Super Bowl LII, completed Winter 2018 Olympics, and now gearing up for March Madness! Many basketball lovers have already predicted brackets and overall champions. There is so much to be learned from the great world of sports. Many lessons, including those in teamwork and perseverance, have been taught through the observance of athletes.


The great Michael Jordan has said many times, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” So many times in education and life, in general, we feel that we are adequate enough to get a job done alone. And while this may be true, the record is clear that where there are two or three gathered with one focus, the success is multiplied! As a former math teacher, I remember teaching statistics and compound probability with jelly beans. My students always wanted more of the cotton candy flavored beans than the licorice flavored ones in the problem. Who doesn’t want more of the good stuff and less of the “not-so-tasty” in their world? Teamwork empowers us on a daily basis to do more good, together!


Another great quote of his is about the power of failure and perseverance. It’s so easy to become discouraged when we fail at something. And how easy it is to fall into the trap of believing that we are the only person in the world with struggles, but let me encourage you! Experience is one of life’s greatest teachers. If we are operating in a state of positivity, we can learn a lesson from each person, each situation, each trial that we face, which then makes us stronger. “I’ve failed over and over, again, in my life and that is why I succeed,” said Jordan. Sometimes we look at other’s success and assume they’ve had it easy or haven’t had to jump hurdles. That’s like reading the last line of fairy tale and never checking out the chapters that preceded it! Failure will propel you further into your passion and purpose, IF you learn the lessons along the way! Fail FORWARD!


So instead of remembering March for March Madness, start preparing for March Greatness! In all of the universe, there is only one you. Don’t rob the world of that unique gift. Remember, if we all individually work on becoming the best version of ourselves, collectively we can move mountains and make our world a better place! Be you, be bold, BE GREAT!

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