The CORE of a BOSS

What we believe has a direct impact on what we do. This is why we must always start with OUR THOUGHTS! One of my favorite childhood stories was called The Little Engine That Could. In this book, it tells of a little engine who was only able to carry his massive load after he began to think that he had the power to do so. One other great historical text mentioned, “So a man thinketh, so is he.”  The great Henry Ford noted, ” Whether you think you can or you can’t, your right.” We must always begin with our thinking! Core values, then, is where we start as a #bosseducator.


We began our first blog by exploring the first two core values of a #bosseducator. The first core value of a #bosseducator is that they operate by always balancing head and heart. They aren’t so driven by test results that they neglect to educate the whole child. They also aren’t so focused on the “warm and fuzzes” that they lower expectations.  They BALANCE for optimal student growth. The second core value is that these individuals are always goal-oriented and solution-minded. Schools are reflection of “real life”, as there will always be issues that need to be resolved and challenges to overcome. #Bosseducators, however, remain focused on their number one goal, which is always student success. They are, then, always willing to share best practices with their colleagues, model expected behaviors, and purposefully pump up their team for the next win! Now, on to explore the last two core values!

The third core value of a #bosseducator is that they are positively transparent. Too often, we miss opportunities to teach, inspire, lead, and have a strong impact on those around us because of communication barriers. One thing, however, that speaks to everyone, whether it’s a student, teacher, administrator, parent, or community supporter, is TRUTH. There is something about being real that connects one directly to the heart. The value added for a #bosseducator is that they are honest and positive, simultaneously. When we look at some statistics or just a glimpse of tonight’s news, the facts can seem dismal. The beauty of our future, though, is that we get to create it.

“The beauty of our future, though, is that we get to create it.”

Our actions today will dictate our picture for tomorrow. Let’s always be truthful, but let’s also ALWAYS look for the positive. There is a lesson to be learned from every experience in our lives, whether personal or professional. #Bosseducators use those experiences and their truth to become BETTER! Don’t hide the truth, BE THE TRUTH!! Use the power of reflection to daily become a better version of yourself! That’s BOSS!

Last, but certainly not least, a #bosseducator operates from a standpoint of lead learner. The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know!  I have to acknowledge that there is a world of information that I’m unaware of, yet need to learn! As we are purposed with ensuring that every child experiences success, we must continually cultivate our to ability to meet the needs of an every-changing society. If we become stagnant in our approach to learning and acquisition of new knowledge, we immediately lose our “magic touch.” A BOSS is always ready to learn, ready to conquer the unknown, and willing to make those mistakes along the way. It’s often through our mistakes that we learn the most! I can vividly recall several situations that I initially thought were failures, but ended up being the best learning experiences of my life! #Bosseducators CELEBRATE risk taking, and thus are the first to jump out of the airplane into the “land of new”! JUST JUMP!

Hey, BOSS! Yes, YOU!!!! Our students need YOU more today than they did yesterday, so every morning activate your “why”. It’s the best motivation that you could ever experience. It will fire you up, even when it’s cold and raining outside. Knowing your “why” is like having a fresh cup of your favorite coffee every 30 minutes.


Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you were born to change lives! Daily remind yourself that YOU ARE BOLD, YOU ARE OPTIMISTIC, YOU ARE SPONTANEOUS, and YOU ARE SUBSTANTIAL. You are these things and more because you are an intentional Builder of Opportunities for Student Success Educator.

Until next time, reflect on the following:

  1. Think of your greatest success last week. How can you expand upon that successful  experience this week for your students?
  2. Who are the educators that inspire you? Celebrate the #Bosseducators in your world.
  3. Don’t forget to smile, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR LIGHT!




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