The CORE of a BOSS

What we believe has a direct impact on what we do. This is why we must always start with OUR THOUGHTS! One of my favorite childhood stories was called The Little Engine That Could. In this book, it tells of a little engine who was only able to carry his massive load after he began to think that he had the power to do so. One other great historical text mentioned, “So a man thinketh, so is he.” The great Henry Ford noted, ” Whether you think you can or you can’t, your right.” We must always begin with our thinking! Core values, then, is where we start as a #bosseducator.

Say BOSS what??

Boss and educator are two words that you rarely ever see in the same sentence or even paragraph, so I guess I should start by vividly explaining this concept of #BOSSEDUCATOR! In the world of education (and any world really), the word boss normally signifies a specific position within the organization. Here, today, I declare that a BOSS is not a position, but rather a state of being. It’s no longer just a title, but a strategic manner of approaching the most fulfilling work of our lives. Being a BOSS is about operating in excellence, it’s about zeal, it’s about empowerment!

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