Say BOSS what??

Boss and educator are two words that you rarely ever see in the same sentence or even paragraph, so I guess I should start by vividly explaining this concept of #BOSSEDUCATOR! In the world of education (and any world really), the word boss normally signifies a specific position within the organization. Here, today, I declare that a BOSS is not a position, but rather a state of being. It’s no longer just a title, but a strategic manner of approaching the most fulfilling work of our lives. Being a BOSS is about operating in excellence, it’s about zeal, it’s about empowerment!

Times have radically changed and so have the needs of our students. Year 2018 and beyond demand a type of educator who is BOLD, OPTIMISTIC, SPONTANEOUS, and SUBSTANTIAL. Not only is this the type of educator that our future requires, but this individual, more importantly, will be found intentionally BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES for STUDENTS to SUCCEED! Whether they are in public or private schools, teaching the tots or leading a school full of “hormones on feet” (the middle school human), BOSS Educators know the impact that their daily decisions will have on GENERATIONS and thus approach each day as if their life depends on it. Well… because it actually does!!!

The first, and arguably, the most important core value of a #BOSSEDUCATOR is that they teach, lead, inspire with their heads AND their hearts! While I will be the first to admit that it is a great balancing act, educators must activate our minds AND our love when empowering our youth with the tools they will need to win in life. The greats employ best practices, daily strive to master the science of teaching, and definitely use data to drive instruction.. But they don’t become so focused on stats and accountability ratings that they lose sight of the fact that they have a real- life, precious, impressionable, unique human being in front of them! CORE VALUE #1 is #headandheart!!!!!!

A #BOSSEDUCATOR is goal-oriented and solution-minded! With a more diverse population of learners, one must be able to quickly acknowledge opportunities to adjust in order to meet the unique needs of our students. I don’t know a single educator who doesn’t wish that every child would come to school with all of their physiological needs met. Our stark reality, however, looks quite different. Our children come to us with issues that my adult brain doesn’t always comprehend, but yet we must be up to the task of viewing each challenge not as another problem, but as an opportunity to employ a solution! #BOSSEDUCATORs possess a laser-jet focus on ensuring that ALL students experience SUCCESS EVERYDAY! CORE VALUE #2 is #goalsandsolutions!!

Whether it is your first year as a teacher or your 20th year as a college dean, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO BE A #BOSSEDUCATOR!!!! There are four core values of a BOSS EDUCATOR and I look forward to sharing all with you over the next few weeks. Until then……

  1. Are you a #BOSSEDUCATOR?
  2. Will you join me in giving a KUDOS to a fellow #BOSSEDUCATOR you know?
  3. Don’t forget to smile, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR LIGHT!!!



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3 responses to “Say BOSS what??”

  1. Awesome! More motivated than ever! #BOSSup

  2. Coretta Frazier Avatar
    Coretta Frazier

    🙌🏾 AWESOME!! I have so much respect for the #BOSSEDUCATOR

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